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Vicodin is a popular pain-killer drug that consists of two analgesics - half-opioid Hydrocodone and non-narcotic paracetamol, also famous as acetaminophen. If you buy Vicodin online you can meet a few kinds of pills, including Vicodin, Vicodin HP or Vicodin ES. First one contains 5 and 500 mg of hydrocodone and paracetamol respectively. Vicodin HP contains 10/660 mg of hydrocodone and paracetamol respectively. As for Vicodin ES it contains less hydrocodone (only 7.5 mg) and more paracetamol (750 mg). Also pills contain a list of auxiliary ingredients that have no effect on human organism but necessary for manufacturing a drug.

When you buy Vicodin without prescription, you should take into account some limitations in use that are intended to eliminate addiction and annoying side effects. Vicodin daily dose is not more than 8 pills a day, Vicodin ES - 5 pills daily maximum, Vicodin HP - not more than 6 pills daily. To buy Vicodin online you need to define which dose you need to take. If you haven't taken it before, you can ask for doctor's advice or study the instructions to it.

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Taking Vicodin allows lowering the doses of opioid-based Hydrocodone, while having same pain relieving effect thanks to acetaminophen that increases the effectiveness of Hydrocodone. That is why it is less harmful medication than simple narcotic analgesics and can be used for longer period than pure opioids. Also it shows less severe withdrawal effect. This is the reason why you can buy Vicodin without prescription and use it as a treatment of severe pains of different nature, starting from traumatic side-effects and finishing with permanent cancer-related pains.

Due to paracetamol that consists in the pills, Vicodin is also has antipyretic action and can be used as combined analgesic during various infectious diseases. When taking Vicodin, it is not advised to take other drugs containing paracetamol (acetaminophen), because you can overdose your organism with this chemical. Also it is not recommended to mix Vicodin with alcohol. That is why it is better to abstain from alcohol drinks during therapy.

Remember that Vicodin is a serious medication that contains ingredients with strong action and requires careful intake. Buy Vicodin online and use it in full accordance with instructions you'll get from drug description and medical advices to gain the best results in treating pains.